Toyota IP Solutions and IUPUI issue first commercial license for automatic emergency braking safety testing

Toyota and Hebei Pride today announced a new license agreement to commercialize standardized safety testing systems for the development and validation of automotive automatic emergency braking (AEB) systems. The agreement is the first license from Toyota IP Solutions, which launched in late 2019 to broaden access to Toyota’s world leading patent portfolio.

The testing technology, which was also utilized by SAE International as the baseline to develop overall standards for pedestrian and bicyclist AEB testing, represents an industry breakthrough that will help drive greater innovation in a key area for automotive safety. It covers the design and standard testing methods behind pedestrian and bicyclist mannequins of different shapes and sizes, surrogate concrete dividers, guardrails and grass that can be used as impact targets to test AEB systems. The technology was developed and patented through a partnership between the Toyota Collaborative Safety Research Center (CSRC) and Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis Transportation Active Safety Institute (IUPUI-TASI).