Thriving amid turbulence: Imagining the cities of the future

New and complex issues are emerging, and today’s cities are likely on the cusp of the largest global economic transformation to date. As governments steer cities into the future, they would be well advised to consider the following:

  • Talent, technology, climate, and globalization will be key shapers of the city context.
  • Citizen well-being will be the metric of success.
  • Cities and residents must collaborate to shape the initiatives that matter.

This discussion paper explores four major forces shaping today’s cities—from resource stresses to increasing internationalization—and lays out a 14-point vision for thriving cities of the future. The challenges at hand are daunting and complex, and navigating them will be no easy task. We hope this discussion articulates the elements that will define long-term success for city leaders and provides a useful aspiration as they steer their communities into the future.