This startup’s EV battery can charge to 80% in 10 minutes

The Fremont, California-based company develops batteries with lithium-ion cells that have pre-lithiated silicon dominant anodes.

Ionblox says its batteries achieve up to 50% higher energy density, five times more power, and an extreme fast charge of 10 minutes to 80%. It’s currently producing its large format pouch cells of up to 50Ah on its pilot production lines.

Ionblox’s batteries can be used in both eVTOLs and EVs, and it’s working with General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler to achieve recharge time that “can finally last the same amount time as a gas fill-up.”

The batteries’ cell performance has been verified by the US Department of Energy’s Idaho National Laboratory…

Lithium-ion batteries with pre-lithiated silicon dominant anodes use silicon as the main material for the anode. In conventional lithium-ion batteries, the anode is made of graphite, but in Ionblox’s batteries, a pre-lithiated silicon-dominant anode material is created by combining silicon with a small amount of lithium.