This simple seat clip could help save the lives of kids left in sweltering cars

Although cases where children are mistakenly left in sweltering cars make headlines, these incidents occur a lot more often than many of us realize. According to, more than 900 children have died in hot cars in the U.S. since 1990, with 52 of those deaths coming this year alone. A new alert system is trying to limit these deaths going into 2020.

Car Seat CoPilot Automatic Alert System is designed to alert parents or caregivers if they accidentally leave a child behind in the car. A clip that latches onto the child’s car seat uses a radio frequency signal that triggers an alarm if the paired car’s key fob reaches 10 feet or farther away from the vehicle.

The system does not use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or cellular data to ensure that it will always work no matter what.