This One-Person eVTOL Lets You Do Barrel Rolls Like a Fighter Jet—and You Don’t Even Need a License

It seems to be the year of the personal flying machine minus the pilot’s license. Three firms have announced one-person eVTOL aircraft that will be sold to the public this year. The Ryse Recon, Jetson One and RotorX Dragon will be certified under the FAA’s Ultralight category, which does not require a pilot’s license, though each company is mandating training.

A fourth personal eVTOL from France, the AirRacer, will be coming to the US to show off its easy-flight abilities. The brainchild of Franky Zapata, a former Jet-Ski racer who has since invented wild flying contraptions like the Flyboard Air, the AirRacer is a very different animal…

Unfortunately, the AirRacer will never be for sale. The company said it designed the AirRacer to test its flight-controller technology as well as show the public it is capable of building an aircraft that is “safe, easy and accessible for all.”