This new e-bike boasts 100-mile range and built-in Garmin radar

Cannondale has released an updated version of its Mavaro Neo e-bike, with huge range on a single charge and a built-in Garmin radar that alerts you to vehicles approaching from behind.

As Ebiketips reports, the 2022 Mavaro Neo follows hot on the heels of the new Tesoro Neo X electric tourer, which launched last week. Both bikes use the new Bosch e-bike smart system, which includes a new high capacity battery to deliver impressive range. The 2022 Mavaro Neo has a maximum range of 175km (just over 100 miles) with power assistance, which is a huge upgrade from the previous model.

As Claus Fleischer, CEO of Bosch eBike Systems, explained to TechRadar in an interview last year, the new system also includes a new mobile app that gives you fine control over your bike’s behavior and performance.