This LGBTQ+ Transportation App Is Changing the Game

Just in time for Pride month, LGBTQ+ride launches in June 2023 as a safe and friendly non-discriminatory form of transportation.

Founded by Stephen Ridl and Robert Taylor, LGBTQ+ride was founded to provide safe and secure transportation for members of the queer community and their allies.

“We know it’s time for the LGBTQ+ community and our Allies to to feel comfortable and safe being themselves without worries or judgements. They deserve jobs without discrimination where it’s encouraged to just be you,” Ridl told The Advocate Channel.

In the last few years, attacks on gay, lesbian, and transgender rideshare users have increased around the world, making a world that was becoming safer and more welcoming to the queer community feel less so.

In addition to providing safer rides for the community, LGBTQ+ride will provide thousands of jobs for members of the community.