This king-sized e-bike makes cycling a breeze for tall riders

DirtySixer, a bike builder that specializes in rides for taller cyclists, has released its first e-bike, letting vertically gifted riders enjoy the feeling of breezing along at 20mph with minimal effort.

Even the best electric bikes usually come in a pretty limited selection of frame sizes, but as science and tech site New Atlas reports, the eDirtySixer is filling the gap for riders significantly taller than average.

At 6’6″, the company’s founder David Folch knows all too well the struggles of finding a bike when you’re much taller than the typical cyclist, and although the eDirtySixer is his first e-bike, he hasn’t skimped on the components. The bike The boasts 36in wheels with Nextie carbon fiber rims, and an aluminum alloy frame to keep weight down.