This Electric Vehicle Charger Disappears Into The Sidewalk When Not In Use

Maybe the best electric vehicle charging is the one that goes away when you aren’t using it. It’s at least an idea worth trying, thinks Urban Electric, which revealed the first images of its UEone “pop-up” charging hub today. Urban Electric says that this new kind of electric vehicle charging architecture “preserves the urban streetscape” and allows EV drivers to charge overnight while parked in the street and then make the chargers go away when not in use.

Urban Electric, based in the UK, was awarded 452,000 pounds ($546,000 U.S.) for its next-generation hub. The award was part of a 3.8-million pound ($4.6 million U.S.) project by Innovate UK to develop a “Clean Street” that allows on-street charging but also “minimises impacts on accessibility, functionality and the look-and-feel of city streets.”