This electric car is the anti-Tesla

A big showdown is coming, if you believe the car-business chatter: General Motors  is about to challenge Tesla’s dominance among electric-car makers. Toyota is planning to take on Tesla, too. And don’t forget Honda, Ford and Nissan. Telsa-battlers, all. The Kia Soul EV is at the opposite end of the spectrum from Tesla, whose cheapest Model S sedan starts at about $70,000, minus a $7,500 tax credit most buyers qualify for. The Soul starts at around $32,000, or $24,500 after the tax break. That makes the Soul one of the cheapest EVs on the market. Tesla’s “mass-market” car, the Model 3, is due in 2017, but it will probably start at $35,000 at least, meaning the Soul will still undercut Tesla by a fair amount.