This Bonkers Single-Seat Drone Lets You Hit the Skies Like the Jetsons

Regulations for that class of aircraft mandate no flights near airports or crowded areas, but there’s also no need for a pilot’s license—which Patan and his engineers understand to be a terrifying thought for some. That’s why the team has striven to make the airborne transport as failsafe and foolproof as possible, while also including a mandatory instruction course in the Jetson One’s $92,000 price.

The 190-pound aircraft has an aluminum frame with eight electric motors, which allow it to remain aloft for about 20 minutes with a software-limited top speed of 63 mph. Pilots, who can weigh a maximum of 210 pounds, control the craft via joystick and throttle. The flight computer is equipped with Lidar for terrain tracking. The auto-landing system, meanwhile, handles the trickiest part.

Ternström asserts that the Jetson One will fly and land safely even if a motor dies or the throttle is cut.