This Battery Breakthrough Changes Everything

The biggest recent development was the lithium-ion battery with its excellent power per size-weight rating, which has gradually been replacing many others in portable gear like smartphones. It’s also slated to be the prime power source in our future vehicles, the EVs, and self-drivers. But now with this recent announcement, that could change.

At their press conference last week, the Battery Advanced Development Inc. announced its breakthrough battery technology. The new battery uses an unusual combination of chemicals for the electrodes and the electrolyte, an elixir they would not divulge. Unlike some of the new batteries that require special rare chemicals, this battery uses a stew of ingredients that are all readily available from existing resources.

With patents pending, the company is working toward producing a signature product. Now that the chemistry is out of the way, the next step is the engineering and manufacturing to mass-produce some versions of the product profitably.