This Arizona college student has taken over 60 driverless Waymo rides

Joel Johnson is an Arizona State University student who is taking a break from college during the pandemic. He lives near Waymo’s service territory and has been using some of his free time to put Waymo’s driverless taxis through their paces. He says he has taken more than 60 driverless rides in the two months since Waymo opened driverless service up to the public. He has posted more than a dozen videos. The most striking thing about these videos is how boring they are…

There’s still one big open question, however: whether Waymo’s driver is less likely to cause a fatal crash. The difficulty here is that the US has just one highway fatality for every 100 million miles traveled. So even six million miles of near-flawless driving doesn’t come close to proving that Waymo’s driver is less likely to kill someone than a human driver.