These electric driverless baggage vehicles are now whizzing around one of the world’s best airports

Auto-Dolly and Auto-DollyTug are electric driverless baggage vehicles, and they’re now on the job at a huge airport in Asia.

These EVs, which are made by Coventry, UK-based transport tech company Aurrigo, transport baggage between the terminal and planes. Auto-Dolly picks up a luggage container and drives itself to the plane. It’s able to recognize people and objects on the road and avoid them.

Once it reaches the plane, automatic mechanical arms transfer the luggage container onto the pallet loader…

Singapore Changi Airport, one of the largest transportation hubs in Asia, has signed a multiyear partnership agreement with Aurrigo to jointly develop and test the Auto-Dolly and Auto-DollyTug. The partners are also testing Aurrigo’s airport simulation software platform Auto-Sim.