These are the best cities for biking in the U.S.

The city (Minneapolis) topped the latest edition of an annual list from the nonprofit PeopleForBikes, which scored 1,484 American cities based on whether they have protected bike lanes, whether cars drive at safe speeds, and how they’ve designed intersections, network connections, and generally reallocated space for biking and walking. It also looked at 249 cities in Europe and Canada.

Here are the top 10 large cities in the U.S.:
Minneapolis, MN (with a score of 68 out of 100)
San Francisco, CA (63)
Seattle, WA (62)
Philadelphia, PA (57)
Portland, OR (56)
New York City, NY (55)
St. Paul, MN (51)
Washington, DC (45)
Milwaukee, WI (45)
Detroit, MI (42)

The top 10 medium cities, with populations between 50,000 and 300,000:
Davis, California (77)
Ankeny, Iowa (74)
Berkeley, California (72)
Boulder, Colorado (68)
Corvallis, Oregon (63)
Hoboken, New Jersey (62)
Plainfield, New Jersey (61)
Ames, Iowa (60)
La Crosse, Wisconsin (59)
Longmont, Colorado (59)

The top 10 small cities:
Provincetown, Massachusetts (88)
Crested Butte, Colorado (87)
Blue Diamond, Nevada (85)
Murdock, Nebraska (84)
Ashland, Wisconsin (80)
Jackson, Wyoming (79)
Aspen, Colorado (75)
Shorewood, Wisconsin (74)
Ashland, Oregon (70)
Mifflinburg, Pennsylvania (69)