There are more than 1,800 lampposts in Central Park that double as navigational markers

While traversing Central Park, you’ll find a built-in way to help you navigate where you are, should you lose your way in the bucolic setting. On more than 1800 lampposts in the park, there are metal navigational markers with four numbers, and Mary Caraccioli, a spokesperson for the Central Park Conservancy, explained how to read them.

“On each lamppost, you’ll see a marker that will have numbers that indicate the closest street [and] which side of the park the lamp is closest to,” she said. “For example, a number of 6 7 0 1 means you’re near 67th street on the West Side.”

The first two numbers indicate the street you are aligned with, and the last two numbers indicate east or west. If it’s an odd number, you are closer to the West Side, if it’s an even number, the East Side.