The ‘smartest neighbourhood in the world’ where citizens can trade their data

UNStudio has outlined its plan for what it claims will be ‘the smartest neighbourhood in the world’. The Brainport Smart District (BSD) is being developed in Helmond’s Brandevoort area in the Netherlands by UNSense, UNStudio’s sister company. In July 2018, UNStudio was selected to translate the ambitions of Brainport Smart District into a spatial plan…

Over the next ten years, the BSD will develop approximately 1,500 new homes and 12 hectares of business premises within a ‘living lab’, a mixed residential neighbourhood organised around a central park and surrounded by business spaces and natural reserves.

The ambition is to create a “sustainable, circular and socially cohesive neighbourhood”, which features joint energy generation, food production, water management, digital data management and revolutionary transport systems”.