The smart cities challenge: How tech will update antiquated infrastructures

A CES 2020 panel discussed how blending new tech into established, sometimes crumbling infrastructures, offers renewable solutions…

Whether revenue or renovation, smart cities start on the streets, combining safety with efficiency, and through connectivity via traffic signals and intersections, and, of course, the automated automobile.

Murtha, and Karen Lightman (executive director Metro 21- Smart Cities Institute Carnegie Mellon University) want to make it perfectly clear. “It’s been driving me nuts,” says Lightman of CES chit chat. The AI technology associated with “self-driving” cars is automated, not “autonomous.” Murtha explains autonomous means being able to fully function independently. Automated, on the other hand, refers to something that uses a machine to do the work of a human, hence, it should be referenced as–at least for the next 30-ish years, added Karayannis–an automated and not an autonomous vehicle.