The secret to Uber’s success: All the Apps

You can call an Uber car from your Apple Watch,Pebble smartwatch, orMicrosoft Band 2 fitness tracker. Facebook Messenger has an Uber app built right in. If you work in an office, you can grab an Uber from right within Microsoft Outlook, Slack, or Atlassian HipChat. You can call an Uber from Microsoft Windows 10, or price one up via Google Maps. It’s an underrated factor in Uber’s massive success — and another sign ofjust how aggressive the company is willing to get in its march towards world domination. It’s neither cheap nor easy, especially considering the engineering miracles that Uber probably has to perform just to get everything working in the first place. It means that Uber is practically impossible to avoid, no matter what app, operating system, or device you’re using. Meanwhile, users have to do more work seek out Lyft or any other upstart who wants to challenge it.