The Pandemic Cleared the Way for Smarter Parking Tech

When workers return to downtown areas in a number of cities, they could be greeted by a range of new parking technologies, like touchless transactions, license plate enforcement and new approaches to better managing ride-hailing services.

In Tempe, Ariz., a suburb of Phoenix, parking officials have been able to fast-track projects that would have taken longer if they were being deployed under more typical parking and office occupancy situations…

Back in mid-March, Las Vegas was just in the beginning stages of a project to use part of downtown parking garages as staging areas for ride-hailing and taxi vehicles — a move to remove them from the circulatory patterns in downtown streets.

FlashParking, a smart parking tech provider, was able to accommodate the staging area by rebranding a portion of the app so that Uber and Lyft drivers can download it and get free access to the parking garage.