‘The opportunity is here, but the threats are real’: Officials push for state support of Hazelwood Green to keep tech innovations in Pittsburgh

Regional leaders got to show off progress in the development of the Hazelwood Green complex to a team of state senators Thursday, including demonstrations in a self-driving car and rides on electric scooters.

But the high-level tour came with a message for members of the Senate Transportation Committee: The state needs to take steps to ensure technology developed at that site leads to the manufacturing of products and development of industries in this area rather than elsewhere across the country…

Sen. Wayne Langerholc, R-Cambria and chairman of the transportation committee, said supporting transportation industries is part of a package of bills he proposed this week to deal with transportation funding. Some of those bills will be discussed by the committee as early as next week.

“We can grow this industry here if we do it right,” he said.