The new Bike Lane Uprising app makes it easier than ever to report bikeway obstructions

ile biking has been booming during the COVID-19 pandemic, a time when people are looking for socially-distanced ways to commute and get physical activity, tragically we’re also seeing a correlating spike in bike fatalities, with Chicago on track to have its deadliest year this decade. Motorists driving and parking in bike lanes surely isn’t helping the situation.

Fortunately, the Bike Lane Uprising platform, founded by local tech worker Christina Whitehouse, exists as an easy way to report bikeway obstructions. When submitting an obstruction through Bike Lane Uprising, a user is asked to share information like photos, license plate numbers, companies associated with vehicles and more.

That data is helpful for identifying problem spots, as well as lobbying city agencies to take action, and pressuring companies to educate their drivers about safe and considerate practices around cyclists and bikeways.