The maker of this tiny electric taxi says it could cut traffic in half in 5 years

The EAV unit is 90% lighter than a hybrid or electric vehicle, and replacing a hybrid rideshare car with an EAV Taxi could prevent about 10.14 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually, according to EAV chairman Nigel Gordon-Stewart in a statement.

Similar to the upcoming Fisker Ocean SUV, the EAV Taxi also has a roof-topped opaque solar panel unit, according to EAV’s video about the taxi…

It’ll have a range between 18 to 60 miles depending on the size of the battery, and clocks in at 15.5 miles-per-hour.

The passenger cabin has a ramp for wheelchair accessibility, and the interior can be temperature adjusted to create a more comfortable traveling experience.

There’s also a screen that displays ride information and a luggage storage compartment under the seats.