The first remote-controlled electric scooters arrive at an office park in Georgia

A different kind of shared electric scooter has landed in a small suburb outside Atlanta, Georgia. These scooters look bulkier than your average shared two-wheelers, with extra components attached to the deck and handlebars. And they’re also not technically two-wheelers, but rather four-wheelers with an added set of training wheels in the middle of the deck. That’s because they’re the first remote-controlled scooters to launch into commercial service in the US.

These are not self-driving scooters, although they will be partly powered with autonomous technology. The scooters will be controlled by a team of remote employees who are located over 1,700 miles away in Mexico City. These teleoperators watch a live feed from the scooter’s cameras, as well as monitor other sensor data, as they use Xbox controllers to move the scooter around a business park called Peachtree Corners to the north of Atlanta.