The Detroit Smart Parking Lab: Mobility Meets Infrastructure

Imagine using an app to set a pre-determined location, arriving there, and simply stepping out of your car and going about your business while your vehicle automatically identifies its own parking spot in a nearby lot or parking garage, drives itself there, and parks. And when you are ready to move on, the same scenario occurs, effectively eliminating the frustration of parking altogether.

Enter the Detroit Smart Parking Lab.

Ford, Bosch, Bedrock, and the State of Michigan recently launched this first-of-its-kind real-world test site lab, allowing mobility and smart infrastructure innovators to test automated valet parking, automated parallel parking, EV charging technologies, and much more.

And it’s the only one of its kind in the country – fittingly in the Motor City.

The lab – opened last month to innovators and with a public unveiling November 10 – is strategically located at the Bedrock Assembly in Corktown where Ford is developing a mobility innovation district anchored by Michigan Central Station.