The conspiracy keeping self-driving cars off our streets

If you think the internet revolutionised the way we shop, the way we get news and the way we watch TV, you’re right. But that is small fry compared to what autonomous vehicles will do to the world we know. Autonomy will end car ownership, bring multinational companies to their knees, and result in a global unemployment pandemic.

To understand why let’s look more closely at how autonomous vehicles will change the world around them.

Sure, rich individuals will waste their money owning a private self-driving car because of ego, but the vast majority will time-share in a microfleet or subscribe to a macrofleet, both of which bring two big advantages: reduced cost per person and vehicle type flexibility.

Microfleets will be a handful of cars shared between 10–12 houses or an apartment block. This spreads the cost of ownership across more shareholders and makes logistical sense because the start or end of most journeys will be geographically similar.