The City Released Legislative Proposals for Congestion and Traffic Safety in the 2022 Omnibus Plan. Here’s what you need to know

In order to avoid increased congestion as economic prosperity and office commute activities return to Philadelphia, the City is working to implement policies and solutions to address these issues through strategic planning and legislative tasks.

To address speeding and reckless driving, the City is working to:
Expand camera-assisted traffic enforcement
Save lives with safe speeds by authorizing local control of speed limits

To strengthen alternatives to driving, the City is working to:
Effectively regulate rideshare services
Improve transit options, bicycle infrastructure, and Indego, the City’s bike-share program
Expand access to commuter benefits program to all large employers

To address inefficient use of space, the City is working to:
Better manage the use of curb space
Incentivize sanitation and delivery activities in non-congested hours