The Car Key Is Fading Into Irrelevance With Wireless Technology Like UltraWideband

Recently NXP and Volkswagen announced that they would begin using ultra-wideband (UWB) technology to provide faster, more secure localization and access capabilities. A new VW model launching in 2019 will use a key fob with UWB and NXP has just launched a new automotive grade UWB chip to support a variety of applications. The NCJ29D5 UWB chip is the first of a range of chips from NXP to go along with its Bluetooth, wifi, NFC and DSRC hardware that will provide ever more wireless connectivity.

In addition to the usual key functions, equipping a car with UWB can enable a range of new functions such as automated valet parking, automatic billing for EV charging or fuel fill, other drive through payments and even short range radar systems.
With smartphones like the new iPhone 11 series now coming to market with UWB built-in, they can be used as more secure digital keys.