The autonomous truck stop? DFW emerging as hub as yet another firm looks to step up

More key players in the market are investing in the region as they see opportunities to try out their technology in North Texas. That often means setting up operations and hiring local folks for the autonomous vehicles, or AVs, as travel on nearby roads.

Waymo – part of Google parent Alphabet and a pioneer in driverless — is setting up a hub in the Dallas area for its trucking effort, a spokesperson said last month. In July, Aurora, an Amazon-backed firm, that said it would set up an operation in North Texas, first with minivans and then larger semi-trucks.

And yet another company is eyeing more for the region. Embark – which has raised more than $100 million – sees opportunities ahead for North Texas, according to Monika Darwish, policy counsel for the company. It previously tested on the state’s roads, though it’s been keeping that closer to a hub in California of late.