The Airport Of The Future Is In… Pittsburgh?

Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) breaks ground on its new $1.4 billion “terminal modernization” project today, which is expected to be completed by 2025…

The Gensler-led design includes a new 700,000-square-foot terminal, parking garage and transportation complex designed to adapt to the latest “technological improvements and automated systems” in airport technology (the airport’s CEO anticipates AI-driven cleaning robots, autonomous baggage delivery and fleets of self-driving Ubers…eventually).

“I got here six years ago with the idea that we’re going to make a difference in the industry. U.S. airports aren’t traditionally at the leading edge of innovation. I wanted to see if we could put the assets of the community to work,” said Cassotis. Currently, the airport is partnering with Carnegie Mellon to test use cases involving robotics, clean tech, and autonomous vehicles. “More and more AI-enabled technology will help us make decisions around operating and customer service. This is just the beginning,” she adds.