The 5 Biggest Connected And Autonomous Vehicle Trends In 2022 Bernard Marr Bernard MarrContributor Enterprise Tech Follow

Robotaxis become a more frequent sight
Most people’s first experience of autonomous driving most likely won’t be in a vehicle they own themselves, but one that is part of a fleet of private hire or ride-sharing cars…

Autonomous deliveries picking up the pace
“Last mile” delivery via autonomous vehicle is already big business, with Starship’s fleet already making 1.6 million deliveries…

AI monitoring driver behavior
There are many use cases for artificial intelligence (AI) in vehicle engineering outside of self-driving cars, and one of the most potentially beneficial is monitoring driver awareness.

Autonomous shipping sets sail
Shipping makes sense as a first use case for autonomous vehicles – after all, don’t most boats travel in more or less a straight line, from port to port, and encounter much less in the way of congestion than, say, cars or trucks?

A new wave of collaboration and consolidation?
Developing autonomous vehicles – particularly the concept’s flagship product – the self-driving car – is a hugely expensive and resource-intensive business to be involved in.