Texas project uses autonomous vehicle technology for bus safety system

Concerns found in the initial research include buses making turns at intersections or traveling in a straight line and negatively interacting with cyclists and pedestrians, as well as distracted cyclists and pedestrians not being aware of surrounding transit vehicles. While developing the concept of operations, the team discovered that the Mobileye/Rosco Vision Systems technology was available and that the manufacturer was interested in testing the collision avoidance system in a campus setting. The system provides two types of warnings to the bus driver: a yellow light illuminates when a pedestrian or cyclist is detected within range of the bus, alerting the driver to proceed with caution; a red light illuminates and a buzzer sounds when a pedestrian or cyclist is very close to the bus, alerting the driver to stop to avoid a possible collision. The research team is currently assessing the system and developing the overall concept of operations plan for the test bed.