Tesla’s Full Self Driving Isn’t The Only Technology With Speed Sign Detection Problems

Speed limiting technology has also been mandated over in Europe, where the EU’s Vehicle General Safety Regulation has now been in force for a little over 6 months. It introduced a range of mandatory advanced driver assistant systems to all new cars aiming to improve road safety, and establishes the legal framework for the approval of automated and fully driverless vehicles in the EU. The new safety measures will help to better protect passengers, pedestrians and cyclists across the EU, expectedly saving over 25,000 lives and avoid at least 140,000 serious injuries by 2038. The 2019/2044 regulation also mandates all new cars that have already launched be fitted with an Intelligent Speed Assist (ISA) by 7 July 2024. Tesla’s struggles though help to demonstrate how difficult it is to get this technology working in practise.

ISA is designed to inform the driver when they are speeding and reduce the speed of the vehicle.