Tesla (TSLA) could dominate $1.2 trillion market with autonomous, Uber-like vehicle fleet

Tesla (TSLA) is looking at a more-than-decent chunk of a market valued at $1.2 trillion with its upcoming Tesla Network, a new Uber-like ride-hailing service with autonomous electric cars, according to Ark Invest.

For years, Tesla has taunted a ride-hailing app to be powered by its self-driving system. It’s been dubbed the “Tesla Network.”

The new product is dependent on Tesla solving computer vision to deploy its full self-driving system.

In case it does happen, which CEO Elon Musk has been claiming it will this year, investors have been trying to value the extremely disruptive new product.

Ark Invest, a Tesla shareholder, has been trying to put some numbers on the value potential of such a service in its Big Ideas 2021 report.

The group believes that autonomous ride-hailing platforms will generate over $1 trillion in earnings by 2030: