Tesla Is Wrong: Single Passenger Cars Should Not Be Focus For Self-Driving

Tesla’s self-driving system has been developing apace over the last couple of years. But it hasn’t avoided controversy, with a class action against the company for the safety of its Autopilot and FSD. There has also been evidence that Tesla’s FSD is no more than a glorified Level 2 system. According to British company Oxa, the focus of FSD is wrong. We shouldn’t be aiming to make single-passenger vehicles autonomous, when there are other areas that will provide greater benefit sooner.

“Our vision is universal autonomy,” says Gavin Jackson, CEO, Oxa. “We exist as a mission to unlock the benefits of self-driving technology. To do that, we need to be universally accessible.” Oxa recently changed its name from Oxbotica for a more internationally compatible branding, to go along with a recent funding round aimed at global expansion and facilitate this universal accessibility.