Tesla FSD Updates Appear To Be Huge Advances In Safety, Functionality

Tesla finally released the long-anticipated Full Self-Driving beta version 11 software update recently. After a pause in updates, the newest version began to arrive, and now it has seen multiple point updates, which appear to make it markedly better. The new single stack has many added features to improve safety and functionality.

Prior to the release of Full Self-Driving beta version 11, Tesla had paused updates for some time to deal with a related recall issued by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Then, version 11.3 arrived and there have been quick point updates ever since, taking us to version 11.3.4, which appears to be the latest software update currently.

Tesla fans, owners, and investors have been eagerly awaiting version 11 since CEO Elon Musk began touting its release last year. This is because it marries the company’s Autopilot technology with the Full Self-Driving system capabilities.