Tesla applies for machine-to-machine cellular data service in its electric cars

Tesla has applied to offer telecommunication services in Canada, including “machine-to-machine cellular data service” in its electric cars.

Starting with the Model S in 2012 and for a decade now, Tesla has been leading the auto industry in the level of connectivity inside its vehicles.

Tesla has made software a priority in its product, and internet connectivity enables it to push software updates over-the-air to its customer fleet as well as collect data from it, which has been particularly useful in its effort to develop self-driving technology…

Lately, there have been indications that Tesla could take the level of connectivity in its vehicles to a new level.

Today, we learn that Tesla applied for a Basic International Telecommunications Service (BITS) license with the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC). If approved, it would technically allow Tesla to become a telecommunications reseller service in Canada.