Tesla alums launch a new electric RV startup: Lightship

A bunch of Tesla alums has launched a new electric RV startup with its first product being a travel trailer equipped with an electric powertrain to help increase the range of an electric vehicle towing a trailer.

At Electrek, we have been arguing that the RV market is primed to be electrified for a few years now, but there are only a few projects being developed.

Winnebago has its e-RV electric motorhome concept and the electric Airstream concept, but it appears that we are still far from an actual product that we can buy…

Lightship aims to deliver a trailer equipped with its own electric powertrain that would result in the EV pulling it not losing its range.

Of course, the electric trailer could also be useful to gas-powered trucks and not only EVs, but it is designed to enable a great RVing experience for electric vehicle drivers.