Teresa Leatherow

College/School: University of Pittsburgh (Honors College)

Major/Minor: Supply Chain Management, Business Information Systems/ Sustainable Engineering with concentrations in Industrial and Environmental engineering

Role at Traffic21: Elsie Hillman Honors Scholar

Why did you decide to get involved with Traffic21?
The interdisciplinary nature of research, education, and community initiatives lead by Traffic21 offered the opportunity to address contemporary opportunities and challenges that confront transportation and related systems through policy and technology.

Favorite Traffic21 Memory?
Weekly student check-in meetings were an ongoing highlight of my time as a scholar. These meetings created a space to connect with other research fellows, students and faculty, discuss upcoming opportunities related to transportation, and create lasting relationships with others who have similar interests to my own.

Most valuable lesson learned during your time at Traffic21?
Mobility is an integral part of multiple facets of life for every person in a community. Though our mobility needs, access, and/or preferences may vary, it is important to situate the role of transportation in contexts that maximize the choice and quality of transportation solutions. Transportation is a critical part of thriving communities that we far too often take for granted.

Why should other students get involved with Traffic21?
Traffic21 fosters an interdisciplinary approach to involvement, which affords the opportunity for several interests to develop and apply to the transportation realm. Getting involved with Traffic21 has demonstrated to me just how many avenues (no transportation pun intended!) can be taken to make an impact in this space, and your involvement could contribute to the next big breakthrough!

What’s next for you – and where?
I will be staying in Pittsburgh to begin my career at numo, as a Business Operations Analyst. As I begin my career, I look forward to staying involved in the transportation and sustainability spaces, as well as participating in Traffic21 programming.