‘Technology Is the New Asphalt’ as Nevada Paves Way for 5G

Self-driving cars, trucks and buses are already burning rubber on Nevada’s roadways, and drone testing operations dot the skies of the Silver State.

Nevada city planners and government officials have been among the most receptive to new and developing technologies in recent years, bringing new companies, jobs and investment to a somewhat surprising destination in the middle of the desert.

But Nevada, along with the rest of the country, is about to be tested by the impending adoption of widespread 5G connectivity – which brings with it the possibility of connecting almost everything under the sun to the internet, opening the door to greater automation, customization and, realistically, privacy concerns.

The Silver State has a long history with public-private partnerships and regulation tweaks that have made it an early adopter and tester of new technologies. And with 5G right around the corner, officials are already calling for increased investment and attention to the government’s role in the cities and communities of tomorrow.