Tech start-up creates self-driving SCOOTERS that can drive themselves directly to commuters and then back to charging points when the journey is over

Self-driving scooters could soon be whizzing around without riders in a tech development designed to improve cities’ transport-sharing networks.

A California-based start-up, Tortoise, is working on self-driving technology with which bikes and scooters drive themselves home after someone has used them. And taxi-hailing app Uber announced earlier in the year that it was working towards the same goal. Set to launch next month, the initiative is a progression for the temporary bike, scooter and Segway hire schemes which already exist around the world…

Although the technology isn’t in use yet, video has surfaced online of a scooter driving itself with the help of stabiliser wheels.
And the company is hoping to put its tech into use in the city of Peachtree Corners, Georgia, to see if it can ease congestion at lunchtimes.
It plans to roll out the technology there in November, as well as in two as-yet-unnamed cities in Europe.