T-Mobile’s 5G network upgrade means better indoor and rural coverage

T-Mobile’s nationwide 5G network is getting a boost. On Tuesday, the self-proclaimed “un-carrier” announced that it has turned on a new version of its 5G network that should allow for better coverage and lower latency.

Known as Standalone 5G (or SA 5G), this version of 5G does not need to be anchored to any existing 4G LTE service, enabling T-Mobile to offer better coverage and performance compared to its current 5G offering…

Those in rural areas or who have trouble keeping a signal deep in buildings, in particular, should see better coverage as part of the move.

Latency, or the responsiveness of the network, should also improve which will make data seem faster when connected to this 5G service. Kuoppamaki says that in its testing T-Mobile has seen latency improvements of up to 40%.