Subaru Announces The World’s First Self-Driving Maneuver With A New Forester SUV

Subaru says the Forester SUV successfully merged using the new technology for the first time in the world. The report says the two companies have been conducting joint research since 2019 at Subaru’s Research and Experiment Center Bifuka Proving Ground near Tokyo, Japan. The automaker used the Subaru Forester, a WRX S4, and an Impreza Sport for the self-driving test.

As of November 24, 2020, a survey by the two companies said this is the world’s first verification and behavior confirmation of a car successfully merging into traffic based on an actual autonomous vehicle using 5G and cellular V2X.

Subaru conducted two separate tests on the proving ground track. The first case led verification to allow the Forester autonomous vehicle to merge from a ramp to the main road smoothly.