Study: City Leaders Must Plan for Driverless Future or ‘Face Major Risks’

The coming age of driverless, autonomous vehicles “will force cities to confront a host of uncertainties on issues ranging from safety, ethics, insurance, and regulatory requirements” among other considerations, according to “Driverless Future: A Policy Roadmap for City Leaders.” The study is the work of experts in transportation, economics and urban planning from Colorado-based Arcadis engineering consultants, Sam Schwartz transportation consultants of New York City, and HR&A public policy consultants, also with offices in New York City. The 23-page report, available online at, offers sunny forecasts on some fronts, predicting greater mobility, more parking and millions fewer cars as more people opt for ride-share carpooling services and ride-sourcing services such as Uber, Lyft and traditional taxis.

But it also warns city leaders of dangers if they don’t plan for such a future.