STUDY: Advanced Vehicle Tech Could Help Prevent 250,000 Traffic Deaths Over 30 Years — But It’s Not a ‘Silver Bullet’

According to a new report from AAA’s Foundation for Traffic Safety, today’s ADAS technologies could prevent up to 14 million fewer injuries and 250,000 fewer deaths on U.S. roads over the next 30 years. Those reductions would translate to a plunge in injury and fatality totals of 16 and 22 percent, respectively, even without further improvements to the technology, which currently struggles to reliably brake at the deadliest speeds or when confronted with pedestrians on unlit roads after dark.

Principal researcher Brian Tefft lauded ADAS as a commendable intervention, but emphasized that the tech is not a “silver bullet” — especially absent other road safety strategies, like policies that compel drivers themselves to practice safer behavior…

Working in partnership with researchers at the University of North Carolina, the report authors examined the characteristics of thousands of individual crashes that occurred between 2017 and 2019 and estimated how many of them would have been prevented by ADAS technologies in their current form.