Penn Transportation Club aims to expose students to the latest transportation trends and ideas across academic and professional settings, in addition to the connections between transportation and other fields, and it does so by hosting speakers from within the public and private sectors on a regular basis throughout the academic year. In addition, site visits and tours offer students the opportunity to learn about ongoing as well as completed transportation projects in the greater Philadelphia area.

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Meet Our Club Leadership

Andrew SandweissAndrew Sandweiss… received his Bachelor’s in Architecture and Urban Studies before coming to Penn Planning to concentrate in Sustainable Transportation & Infrastructure Planning. With an upbringing that straddled between Bangor, Maine & Lima, Peru, Andrew has been particularly interested in the connections between intra and inter-city transportation, transit station design, and sustainability in both North American & Latin American urban contexts. He is currently a research assistant for Professor Erick Guerra, studying the impact of license-plate driving restriction programs worldwide. Outside of class, Andrew enjoys map-making, trying new foods, and walking around Philadelphia.




Chen Chelsea Zhang

Chen (Chelsea) Zhang… holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of California at Berkeley with a major in Linguistics and minor in City Planning. She is currently a Master of City Planning candidate concentrating in Sustainable Transportation and Infrastructure Planning at the University of Pennsylvania. Prior to coming to Penn, she has experience working in Communications and Marketing fields and hopes to bring that perspective into her planning work. Chelsea is passionate about promoting active transportation and traffic safety. She learned about the power of bicycle networks after spending a semester studying abroad in the Netherlands. During her time at Penn, she has worked on projects related to bicycle infrastructures, transit dependency, and public transit ridership. Outside of school, Chelsea enjoys reading, finding new TV series, and traveling (pre-COVID).


Gil Lehmann

Gil Lehmann… With an undergraduate degree in Science, Technology, and Society, Gil Lehmann brings historical insight into his approach to transportation planning. His interests in the field focus on how the complex networks that are public transit systems are communicated to riders on the ground, specifically in terms of mapping, wayfinding, and nomenclature. He is currently interning at the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority (SEPTA) Department of Strategic Planning and Analysis, working mainly on a wayfinding and rebranding project. His most notable contribution is an “applied peer study,” where he researched the design language and nomenclature of ten cities worldwide and created nomenclature systems, wayfinding designs, and maps for Philadelphia in the style of those cities, to give both SEPTA and the riding public novel ways of approaching the transit network. The maps are published on SEPTA social media accounts as the #TransitMapTuesday series.


Jacey Chang…Jacey Chang is passionate about transportation, data analysis and data visualization. She is currently engaged in two projects, one on air transportation change during COVID and another on the new safety metrics of active transportation. Beyond transportation, she is a history, map and Chinese music lover.






Perry SchaffnerPerry Schaffner… received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Geography with a minor in English Writing before jumping into the world of Planning. She is in her second year of her Master of City Planning degree concentrating in Sustainable Transportation and Infrastructure Planning. Her interests in the field include the land use and transportation connection, transit-oriented development, walkability, and a niche interest in the transportation systems within ski towns. She is currently working on a thesis project focusing on successful implementation of public transportation within ski towns across the United States. In her free time, she enjoys skiing, traveling (pre-COVID), seeking out the best food in Philadelphia, and SoulCycle classes.