State uses technology to check on the condition of trucks traveling on South Dakota roads

Embedded into the roadway of Interstate 90 just east of the South Dakota Port of Entry and Welcome Center near Valley Springs are sensors that check the condition of semi trucks.

Those sensors can identify potential problems with a semi-truck before it gets to the weigh station at the Valley Springs Port of Entry.

“About one mile east of the port of entry, in Minnesota actually, we identify the truck and weigh it, there are also sensors in the pavement that can detect the inflation of the tires…, said Dave Huft , the intelligence transportation system program manager for the South Dakota Department of Transportation. “Then in the time it takes the truck to get from there to weigh station we check on whether the vehicle registration is current, whether fuel taxes are up to date and we also check the safety score for the motor carrier… In that time there’s a decision made whether that truck needs to pull into the port of entry or not.”