Startup Uses Machine Learning to Drive Better Road Investment

Move over, RoboCop! The newest robot looking after Detroit’s streets is RoadBotics’ pavement-analyzing machine learning algorithm, which uses driver-collected data to determine which areas of the city are in most dire need of roadwork…

For cities and states, the allure of RoadBotics is that it gives “objective” data without human analysis, and that it provides its users with an easy-interface map afterward. So far, the company has assessed over 90 communities in 15 states. Detroit is one of the most recent cities to be announced for the process, and the first to be the beneficiary of the company’s new AIM (AI maintenance) tool for unsealed cracks. With assistance from Planet M, a Michigan-based partnership that connects mobility professionals from the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, RoadBotics and the city have forged a strong alliance.