Startup Presses Ahead With Pilot Projects to Electrify Roads

Electreon Wireless Ltd. is pressing ahead with projects to test its technology that allows electric cars to be charged while driving, potentially demonstrating a way to overcome a key barrier to the mass adoption of the vehicles.

The startup plans to install 600 meters of coils under a 2 kilometer (1.2 mile) stretch of road in Tel Aviv in mid-August, Chief Executive Officer Oren Ezer said in an interview Tuesday at Electreon’s offices in Beit Yanai, Israel.

The company is now in the final stages of coordinating the engineering work with various groups like the municipality, utility companies and internet providers. Electreon will then test-run an electric-powered bus fit for public transportation on the track, he said.

The following month, the company expects to run a similar trial in Gotland, the Swedish island where it successfully tested a long-haul heavy truck in February, Ezer said.