Startup Offers Parking Autonomy To Almost Any Vehicle

The system is the brainchild of longtime automotive cybersecurity engineer and executive Anuja Sonalker who founded Annapolis Junction, MD -based STEER Tech in 2016. While automakers and tech companies are spending billions to create fully autonomous vehicles, Sonalker says it dawned on her during the course of her previous work, today’s vehicles have so much technology already built in, it’s not necessary to start from scratch to imbue them with at least some level of autonomy not included in automated driver assist systems (ADAS)…

But STEER has now moved far beyond L2+ with its new L4 system with myriad more sophisticated features including Valet. With that, you can step out of the vehicle, give it commands via smartphone app to drive itself, search for a parking spot, watching out all the time for pedestrians or other vehicles, even detecting and obeying stop signs.